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The Life That I Have by Leo Marks – Greatest Poems

Leo Marks: The Life That I Have

Leo Marks, a renowned British screenwriter and cryptographer, left an indelible mark on history with his significant contributions during World War II. His work in code-making and poetry has mesmerized many, shedding light on the power of words during times of conflict and beyond.

The Early Life of Leo Marks

Born in 1920 in London, Leo Marks was the son of a famous Jewish writer, Benjamin Marks. Growing up in an intellectually stimulating environment, Marks developed a strong passion for poetry and literature from an early age. His keen interest in cryptography also began to flourish during his formative years.

Leo Marks and the War Effort

With the outbreak of World War II, Marks found himself drawn into the heart of the conflict. His expertise in cryptography led him to work for the Special Operations Executive (SOE), where he played a crucial role in creating codes to secure sensitive communications. It was during this time that Marks penned his famous poem, “The Life That I Have,” as a code for agents in the field.

Writing “The Life That I Have”

“The Life That I Have” is a poignant poem that captures the essence of sacrifice and resilience in the face of adversity. Its hauntingly beautiful verses have touched the hearts of many and symbolize the courage of those who risked their lives for a greater cause. Marks’ words transcended their original purpose, resonating with people far beyond the realm of wartime secrecy.

Legacy of Leo Marks

After the war, Marks continued to make significant contributions to the world of cryptography and poetry. His memoir, “Between Silk and Cyanide,” remains a valuable account of his wartime experiences and the challenges he faced. Marks’ innovative approach to code-making has inspired generations of cryptographers and his poetry continues to move audiences around the world.

The Impact of Leo Marks’ Work

Leo Marks’ legacy lives on through his writings and his enduring influence on the fields of cryptography and poetry. His unique blend of creativity and technical expertise has left an indelible mark on history, reminding us of the power of language to inspire, protect, and unite us in times of turmoil.


Who was Leo Marks?

Leo Marks was a British screenwriter and cryptographer known for his work during World War II, particularly in creating codes for the Special Operations Executive.

What is “The Life That I Have” poem about?

“The Life That I Have” is a poem written by Leo Marks as a code for agents in the field during World War II. It symbolizes sacrifice and resilience in the face of adversity.


Leo Marks’ life and work exemplify the profound impact an individual can have on history through a combination of talent, dedication, and creativity. His contributions to cryptography and poetry continue to resonate with audiences worldwide, serving as a testament to the enduring power of words.

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