Solar System Name In Hindi And English

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The Solar System Names in Hindi and English

Welcome to our guide where we will delve into the fascinating world of the solar system and explore the names of its celestial bodies in both Hindi and English languages. The solar system, comprising the sun and the planets orbiting around it, has intrigued humanity for centuries with its vastness and beauty. Let’s take a journey through the cosmos and learn the names of these stellar wonders in two of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

The Sun (सूर्य / Sun)

At the heart of our solar system lies the Sun, a majestic star that provides light and warmth to all the planets revolving around it. In Hindi, the Sun is referred to as “सूर्य” (Surya), while in English, it is simply known as the Sun.

The Planets

Mercury (बुध / Mercury)

The closest planet to the Sun, Mercury, is known as “बुध” (Budh) in Hindi and Mercury in English. This small, rocky planet has extreme temperatures due to its proximity to the Sun.

Venus (शुक्र / Venus)

Venus, often called Earth’s “sister planet” due to its similar size, is named “शुक्र” (Shukra) in Hindi. In English, it is known as Venus, after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

Earth (पृथ्वी / Earth)

Our home planet Earth is referred to as “पृथ्वी” (Prithvi) in Hindi and Earth in English. It is the only known celestial body to support life.

Mars (मंगल / Mars)

The red planet Mars is named “मंगल” (Mangal) in Hindi and Mars in English. Mars has intrigued scientists with its potential for supporting future human exploration.

Jupiter (बृहस्पति / Jupiter)

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, is known as “बृहस्पति” (Brihaspati) in Hindi and Jupiter in English. This gas giant is famous for its massive swirling storms.

Saturn (शनि / Saturn)

Saturn, with its distinctive rings, is named “शनि” (Shani) in Hindi and Saturn in English. This stunning planet is a favorite among stargazers and astronomers.

Uranus (अरुण / Uranus)

Uranus, the sideways-spinning ice giant, is referred to as “अरुण” (Arun) in Hindi and Uranus in English. Its unique tilt sets it apart from the other planets.

Neptune (वरुण / Neptune)

Neptune, the distant blue planet, is named “वरुण” (Varun) in Hindi and Neptune in English. It is the farthest planet from the Sun in our solar system.


Exploring the names of the solar system in Hindi and English allows us to appreciate the diversity and richness of languages and cultures in our world. The celestial bodies that make up our solar system have captivated generations with their beauty and mysteries, inspiring awe and curiosity. Whether you gaze at the night sky in English or Hindi, the wonders of the cosmos remain equally mesmerizing.


What is the Hindi name for the Sun?

The Hindi name for the Sun is “सूर्य” (Surya).

Which planet is known as “बुध” in Hindi?

The planet Mercury is known as “बुध” (Budh) in Hindi.

What is the English name for the planet “अरुण” in Hindi?

The planet “अरुण” (Arun) in Hindi is known as Uranus in English.

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