Microsoft Release Windows 11: Will It Be A Free Upgrade?

Microsoft will be releasing Windows 11 on Thursday, and one question many Windows users want to answer is will it be a free upgrade or not?

Previously, Microsoft offered Windows 10, as an operating system upgrade for free. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can upgrade at no additional cost, and although Microsoft initially set a one-year time limit on the free upgrade offer, it did allow users of older operating systems to upgrade long after that time limit. In fact, there’s still a backdoor way to make it happen six years later.

The big question arises, will Microsoft also offer free updates for Windows 11, like previous windows?.

With major rival macOS also offering free annual upgrades, it seems highly unlikely that Microsoft will again charge a one-time upgrade for Windows. However, the company may be limiting the free upgrade to Windows 10 users.

“Typically, upgrades (Windows 8 to Windows 10) are offered for free or at a discount to those running the latest currently supported OS version,” said Michael Cherry, senior analyst at Directions on Microsoft, a company that helps businesses. with their Microsoft software plan.

“Remember for consumers this means the version that was basically available in the last 18 months. For those who fall too far behind (Windows 7 to Windows 11) there is often a cost.” And it may be burdensome for users to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 11, even Microsoft must be brave to make sure that the features of Windows 11 are much better than previous Windows.

Windows 11 subscription?

Keep in mind People who want to build their own PC from scratch will also have to purchase a Windows license, that while it’s very likely that Microsoft will offer some form of a free upgrade path from Windows 10 to Windows 11, the operating system is not free.

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As Michael Cherry points out, “many consumers get a new OS version when they buy a new device, and the price of the OS is factored into the bill of materials”.

However, it may require the company to ship Windows via the cloud, where your Windows desktop is streamed from Microsoft servers. The company certainly has the ability to do that – it already does it for enterprise customers. Is it ready to offer Windows 11 via the cloud to consumers?, we will find out on Thursday.

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