5 Best Free Website Builder

Are you a beginner who doesn’t know how to make a website? Don’t know what SEO (search engine optimization) is, and maybe don’t know how to find website visitors.

Don’t waste your time and money, to create a website that you don’t know will make money

We have compiled several service providers, to create a website instantly, in less than 10 minutes. No need to understand seo, coding and guaranteed very simple.

You just need to drag and drop from the templates that have been provided, and just edit what you need. After that, publish your new website, and tell your friends that you have a website.


who doesn’t know wix.com, maybe you’ve seen the ad, on youtube?

Wix.com is very popular, you can create a blog, or business website according to your needs. And boom, you will get a flood of website visitors

You can also upgrade your Wix account to premium features,https://www.wix.com/upgrade/website

2. Weebly

Weebly is an old website builder that helps you create standard websites and eCommerce stores. Weebly is also a very popular web builder, in all circles. Simple appearance, new people like you, who are in the world of internet marketing or the like, will immediately understand it.

3. Shopify

Shopify is the solution to create an online store without coding!

You can create a web builder, free for 14 days from Shopify. So take advantage of the trial opportunity for 14 days first to try, whether you are suitable for this platform or not.

after that, you can upgrade it, according to your needs. To find out the price, follow the following link: https://www.shopify.com/pricing

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4. Jimdo

Jimdo, more than special. Sure, you can set up an online store, but you can find all of the basic Jimdo store functionality plus cool add-ons for a lot less than Wix or Weebly. The same goes for contact forms, page layouts, and almost every other element of Jimdo.


5. Site123

My last review was site123.com, this website offers free features and you can create a website by drag and drop and add special features.

if you are looking to open an online store, the investment might be worth it. With these two plans, you can:

Accept online payments via Stripe, PayPal, Square, AmazonPay, and more

Show unlimited number of products

Process unlimited number of orders per month

Send up to 10,000 marketing list emails per month

Collect/display customer ratings and reviews for products

Allow customers to create personal wish lists, saved to their accounts

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