5 Analysis Tools to See Your Competitors’ Data

Let’s discuss for a moment, we have the same sales or service business as friends or other people. But their sales or services are more in demand than yours. In terms of capital, basic materials, expenses, and so on are said to be the same. This is called a marketing strategy, how do we find out how they sell well?

We have prepared 5 Analysis Tools to See Your Competitors’ Data, which may be useful for you.

1. sprout social

Sprout Social allows you to understand competitors’ performance on social media from multiple angles and data points.

By using Sprout social, you will get traffic and keyword data reports, so you can optimize your social strategy with rich data points that you can track on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Whether you want to take a peek at what your competitors are posting or compare your growth to the average of the compared profiles, it’s all just a click away, without tedious manual research and messy spreadsheets.

There are premium features for this tool, if you want to enjoy the free ones, maybe the data provided is not too much, just basic reports.

2. SEMRush

SEMrush is a very popular seo tool and is used throughout the market, this tool can peek at the total number of backlinks along with their sources, targeted keywords. But the features it offers are not free forever, you will get a free trial for 7 days, after that you subscribe every month or year.

3. Ahrefs

AHREFS’ Site Explorer, a data analysis seo tool that allows you to check the top organic keywords of a competitor’s website. Plus, you get a rough estimate of how much traffic your competitors are receiving on that keyword.

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4. Buzzsumo

compared to SEMrush and Ahrefs, Buzzsumo lets you view top-performing content for topics that are highly relevant to your brand and specific competitors. This tool looks at the share of content engagement on social sites as well as its total share across the web. In addition, buzz sumo has the best influencer information, and you can hire it to become a brand ambassador for your product, and can compete with your competitors.

5. Similarweb

Similarweb is a very comprehensive tool for content and SEO. This tool can help you dig deeper into your competitors’ content and where their traffic is coming from. Like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, and many more.

For example, you can determine your site’s referral traffic as well as where the site ultimately sends its visitors.

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